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The Three Brother Bears

What’s this all about? Stars of a new book series for children aged 1-6, Captain, Blue & Thunder are three little Teddy Bear brothers who look out for each other as they grow up. The world of the Three Brother Bears is a safe place where, though worries might be faced, there is always a happy ending, where the relationship between the brothers is a comfort and a constant and where children will be welcomed with a smile every time they open a book or visit the website with their parents and carers.

The stories are written in simple rhymes and deal with every day childhood experience, such as the fear of being lost, feeling “different” and sibling rivalry. The photographic illustrations in the books have been shot in the natural environment: in the woods, at the beach, in the garden, and in unique hand-constructed indoor sets. Three Brother Bears

In tune with today’s love of upcycling, hand made and “vintage”, many of the props are sourced from small craft businesses. Any merchandise being developed is sourced from British makers wherever possible and priority is given to sustainable, ecologically sound processes.

It is hoped that the books will grow with your child, with 1-2 year olds identifying with Thunder, 3-4 year olds with Blue and 5-6 year olds with Captain. They also have different interests: Captain likes maps and mechanical things, Blue loves animals and Thunder is a typical toddler, trying to keep up with his brothers and often getting things wrong!

I hope that you will enjoy the stories, and welcome your ideas and feed back. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form.

With my very best wishes, Jo

Jo Blackwell (aka Grandma Bear) is a published writer, blogger, professional portrait photographer and proud Grandmother. She created these little characters and their happy little world because she believes strongly that children need to play outside and that the series’ values of Kindness, Resourcefulness, Loyalty, Self Respect, Playfulness, Creativity, Friendship and Environmental Awareness can be taught through example, recreating the childhood of our imagination. You can find out more about Jo and her team here.

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