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All About Thunder

Thunder is a toddler and he doesn’t talk much yet. He doesn’t really need to with his brothers around! He knows that Captain and Blue will always look after him. He is a happy little bear with straggly, soft, blond fur and big blue eyes.

Every day is an adventure for Thunder. Sometimes, he is a bit timid and likes to watch Captain and Blue try things out first so he knows it’s safe for him to join in! His legs are sturdy, but still only little, and try as he might, he can’t always keep up with the big boys. That doesn’t stop him from trying though!

All About Thunder

Thunder can count to 6 by himself and is always singing little songs that only he knows while he is playing. Sometimes, Daddy swings him up onto his shoulders and he is the tallest of them all – the King of the Castle! He likes it when Daddy turns him upside down!

When you tickle his tummy, he laughs so much it gives him hiccups! Then Daddy says, “time for some quiet time now,” and makes him have a nap. Thunder never wants to have a nap, but he always falls asleep when Daddy cuddles him and says “hush a bye!” 

Three Brother Bears

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