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All About Captain

Hello! I’m the biggest brother, Captain. I have to look out for Blue and Thunder because they are younger than me. I don’t mind, but Blue can be a nuisance because he doesn’t do what I tell him when I’m in charge! I like playing games with him though, because he’s funny and makes me laugh.

I go to school with my friend, May-din, who lives in Bearton. Her mummy drops her at our house on her way to work and we walk to school together.

Mrs Hardy is our teacher. She wears big, round glasses that make her eyes look HUGE. She’s nice. I like geography best. Did you know that there are maps for everywhere in the world, so you never need to get lost? Daddy showed me how you can use a compass to find North and South, and how you can tell the time by looking at where the sun is in the sky. You should never look straight at the sun, though, because it can hurt your eyes.

All About Captain

May-din likes reading in the library at break time, but I like to run around in the playground and play football, or play on the climbing frame. My best day at school was when we all went on a trip to the bottom of Mount Bearverest. It was so high you couldn’t see the top because it was in the clouds! Awesome!

Daddy says that when I’m bigger he’ll take me on an expedition, just me and him, so I can climb through the clouds and see what’s at the top of the mountain. I do lots of exercises so that I will grow up to be big and strong like Daddy – I can’t wait to climb the mountain!

I don’t have a favourite toy, but my very best thing is my rucksack.  When I grow up, I want to be an explorer, or someone who looks after trees.

Three Brother Bears

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