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All about Blue

Hiya! My name is Blue. I got my name because I was born with one blue ear. Daddy says I was going to be called Urskine, after his Grandad. I’m glad I’m called Blue!

I want a puppy, but Daddy thinks I wouldn’t look after it and forget to feed it. I wouldn’t! I’m big boy 4 now, not 3 when I forgot to feed my stick insects.

There are lots of animals in Bearwood – like rabbits and squirrels, birds, insects, even deer. I leave food and water out in the garden and sometimes I see a fox. One day I even saw a badger, but it got scared when it saw me running towards it and galloped away.

So I have lots of pets really. You have to be be ever so gentle if you touch a small animal. And watch where you are going so you don’t tread on little insects with your big feet! Woodland animals are shy, so you have to be very quiet and still if you want to see them, and not fidget.

All About Blue

Daddy built a birdhouse in the garden so I can hang nuts and seeds. It’s my job to break the ice on the water bowl so they can have a drink in the winter. I’m not allowed to go near the fish pond though, in case I fall in. I can’t swim without my armbands yet, can you?

My best friend is a girl called Laska. She lives along the road and is a bit bossy. I don’t like it when she dresses me up and makes me do dancing with her. But I don’t mind really because she’s really nice and sings me songs if I feel sad. And she never teases me about my blue ear like some of the boys in Captain’s class at school.

My favourite thing to do is look for animals in the woods and collect interesting things. On my last birthday, Laska’s mummy knitted me a waistcoat with a little pocket specially for collecting things. I’ve got to go now – I have to check the woodpile for hedgehogs before Daddy makes a bonfire. Bye!



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